Everything You Need to Know About Charging the Audi e-tron

Owning an all-electric vehicle for the first time can be an exciting experience. But it's also a new experience, and you will have to get used to a new way of "filling the tank," so to speak. The e-tron is Audi's very first all-electric SUV. The e-tron comes only behind the plug-in A3 Sportback e-tron, which has been on the market for a few years. However, Audi hopes to release many EVs alongside the many upcoming electric cars coming from carmakers around the world.

How to Charge the Audi e-tron?

An Audi electric SUV or any other electric car can be charged at home or EV charging stations.

Charging at Home

To charge your Audi e-tron at home, you need a 240V level 2 charging station.

If you'd like, you can also use an inferior wall outlet-plugged alternative (any level 1 charger). They still provide you with a full charge, but it takes several times longer to get there.

You must plug the cable into the charging port if you have an applicable charging station. The Audi e-tron's charging port is located on the driver's side of the fender. It is right beside the "e-tron" logo.

To charge the vehicle:

  1. Park Your tron Near the Charging Station
  2. Power Your tron Down and Use the Parking Brake
  3. Push The Button Directly to The Right of the e-tron Logo
  4. Plug-In the e-tron Power Cable

Charging on the Go

One great way to ensure you're not running out of power is to have a charging solution at work. Many workplaces are already offering this amenity to their employees. In the future, it is likely to become even more common.


You can always ask if you can't charge your e-tron at work. The government offers these resources to anyone hoping to have EV charging stations at their workplace.


The only other alternative to workplace charging is to find a charging station. Fortunately, many are already in operation, and more are expected to come as EVs and electric car companies become more popular.

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There are 2 other options in most cities:


  1. They are charging stations at entertainment/leisure businesses or restaurants, hoping for more repeat business from EV drivers who return to charge their vehicles.
  2. Other charging stations

 How Do You Find a Charging Station?

If you can't get all your driving done on the 205-mile range of your fully charged e-tron before you return home, you will need to find an EV charging station.


If you're unsure where to find a charging station in a new location, we recommend you get an app. There are many apps available for finding EV charging stations. One excellent option is PlugShare, which claims to have the most accurate and complete map of charging stations. But you can also explore other options like:





Most of these apps have a simple value proposition for you. All you do is:


  1. Open The App's Map To Find A Nearby Charging Station
  2. Once You Arrive At The Station, Tap Your Phone To Unlock The Connector
  3. Plug The Connector Into The Port


How Long Does It Take to Charge an Audi Electric Car?

Using a 240V level 2 charging station at home, you only need to plug in your car for about nine hours. This timeframe will see your charge go from empty to full.

 Using a level 1 charging station, it may take up to three days to fully recharge your Audi e-tron. When your car is fully charged, the Audi e-tron has a range of up to 205 miles.